10 November 2012

HoF Normal - Spirit Kings & Elegon HC!

First off i would like to state that the following is posted in the order which we killed the bosses in, which means the most recent news will be in the end. I am weird - I know! :)

So, a few things has happened since last time! :) First off, last week we managed to get the rest of the Heart of Fear bosses down where Amber-Shaper Un'sok turned out to be the hardest challenge contrary to the last boss (Grand Empress Shek'zeer) which was a bit of a let down on normal anyway. 

Overall, it seems as if Blizzard has picked up the ball, which they seemed to have dropped in Cataclysm, since both the Mogu'shan Vaults and now the Heart of Fear raids have been pretty fun and pretty challenging.

Here is a screenshot of the last boss. Good job to all the guys in the guild!

More recent news; We killed the Spirit Kings and Elegon on heroic mode in Mogu'shan Vaults. Spirit Kings being by far the most challenging boss we have downed so far and according to many also the hardest boss in the entire Mogu'shan Vaults. Elegon only required a slight change to the tactic and with current gear levels the damage requirement was hardly any challenge at all with our very skilled dps-team! Godd job to all the guys on the kills! 

Spirit Kings was a very challenging fight because of the high movement and coordination needed on the fight - it is the kind of boss where one player making a mistake can easily result in a wipe. As always, the damage requirement did not end up being a challenge for us since we had one minute left on the timer until enrage - but then again we do have pretty decent gear by now. The most annoying part of the encounter is actually the pull, resetting the fight so that Subetai the Swift spawns second since this makes the first transition much easier to handle than any of the other boss combinations. The order we killed them in was: Qiang the Merciless -> Subetai the Swift -> Meng the Demented -> Zian of the Endless Shadow.

Here is a screenshot of the Spirit Kings biting the dust!

Next up after Spirit Kings was Elegon! We killed Spirit kings after two hours on  our Thursday raid night - we obviously spent more time overall on the boss - and decided to go for Elegon straight away since we were all high on dopamine. After one hour and 40 minutes Elegon went down as well - by then we were drunk on dopamine.

Elegon did not turn out to be a big challenge since the only real difference is that you have to soak the total annihilation with one person by standing outside as the add explodes which was not really that challenging. We made a rotation for it and other than that, it was still a damage oriented fight where you need to maximize your damage per second in the last phase in order to live before healers go out of mana. Profitable raid! WE LIKE! Also, the mount dropped which went to our mighty warlock Pvvex (screenshot will be comming up later once he has farmed the rep to be able to mount it - LOL) :)

Here is a screenshot of our Elegon kill! Another one bites the dust!

World of Logs for every kill and every attempt can be found here