13 November 2012

Elegon Mount and WE HUNGRY!

So as mentioned in the last post, Elegon heroic brought more loot than expected since the mount (Reins of the Astral Cloud Serpent) dropped and our warlock Pvvex won it with the roll of 89 over 88 (and ye that 88 roll was me - Pittapusay - GRRR) . As promised, here is a slightly edited photo of the mount: 

Just to show how the real screenshots looked like:

And also to celebrate our victory over Elegon we decided to have a little feast where we invited our friends a fa.... oh wait. Well at least WE HAD SOMETHING TO EAT!

Next week we are sinking our teeth into the Terrace of Endless Spring bosses and hopefully we will clear fast enough so we can go get Will of the Emperor heroic down as well!