Classes may not always be open for recruitment but will always be concidered. We play alts ourselves from time to time whenever a class is needed in the raid, team dynamic is important, so we rather take someone we know. In the end we're recruiting a player, not just the class.

As a raiding member we expect you to uphold 90% raid attendance and that you always notify us ahead of time about possible absence. Our regular raid times are Wed-Thurs-Sun 19:45-00:00.

Looting is done via council, however during farm this mean we usually roll for an item unless council decides otherwise. Members (and in few cases offspecs) have prio over trials.

We're an English speaking guild and expect being able to communicate this language on ventrilo. Our members must be able to handle criticism and be prepared to be swapped in and out regularly depending on the encounter. IS PRO also has somewhat of a coarse humor that may be frowned upon by some, so if you cannot handle bashing and banter and you are prone to become mentally fragile, then we are not the right guild for you.

What we look for:

Currently we are looking for a Moonkin to fill our dps team and either a Restoration Shaman or a Mistweaver Monk to fill our healing team! Although always keep in mind that exceptional applications will always be taken into consideration.

- Actively raid with 95-100% attendance.
- High end raiding experience. aka long list of heroic endbosses and raids.
- Consistancy. Everyone has bad days, don't let them define you as a player.
- You are one of the best players in your guild and you work hard to maintain this.
- Be adaptable. Be able think in the moment and adapt to any situation that might happen.
- Team player attitude. Ranking, gear, a raid spot, in the end you don't have it without your guild, we don't want someone who cannot appreciate this.
- Actively participate on ventrilo. Knowing when to ask for help and when to shut up.
- Preperation. Always think 3 steps ahead.

If you wish to apply to IS PRO make sure you spend some time creating your application. Fill in all the answers, if you leave any blank your application will most likely not be considered. The amount of time you have spent making your application can only benefit you in the end. Of course it's fine using a different template for your application as long as all the information is in it.