15 October 2012

The Stone Guard Heroic

After a questionable week of raiding - having one night with a casual dps and an alt tank for 3 hours - The Stone Guard Heroic went down in two tries on Monday followed by a full normal clear with no wipes at all. Hopefully next week will be more profitable from a progress perspective since we are lacking behind our goal for progress at the moment.

The fight was as stated in the last post a lot more challenging than previous first bosses from the last few tiers of content. Mistakes are punished hard and will most likely result in a death. The fight is all about minimizing the damage taken and sorting out the taunting and get some stacks so your healers do not go out of mana. Overall a fun fight and we are looking forward to Feng The Accursed and Gara'jal The Spirit Binder next week! 

 Here is the screenshot from The Stone Guard Heroic kill:

Congratulation on the loot!