20 October 2012

Feng the Accursed Heroic

So here we are again, Feng the Accursed heroic down!  Pretty simple boss, we expected to use more time on him but took minimal wipes to bring him down - 13 to be exact so took a little over an hour. On to the next boss we go which is Gara'jal the Spiritbinder; we raided just over 1 night on him now and we brought him to 4% so look to us with 3/6 any time soon!

Feng the accursed is all about using your two tank crystals to the max in order to minimizing the damage done by the boss and the damage needed to kill him. Other than that some good positioning and good use of utility spells should help you bring him down in no time! And no slacking on the moving with the debuffs else you are bound to have a shitty time on this one!

Here is a screenshot of the Feng the Accursed heroic kill: