30 November 2012

Blade Lord Ta'yak and Garalon HC!

Some more heroic bosses bite the dust in the Heart of Fear. Last week Blade Lord Ta'yak went down after a tad too many tries, more than we had anticipated, but hey; shit happens! The boss was not exactly difficult seeing as all the mechanics on the boss are the same as normal except for one extra mechanic which is not hard to deal with (PS: you press W!) and then as always more damage on the bosses abilities which require you to have some good use of personal and raid cooldowns. Forgot to take a screenshot though we killed it twice (oops!) but he is an ugly fuck anyway! 

This week, after oneshotting Blade Lord Ta'yak after our previous weeks sketchy progression, we went on to Garalon heroic! The hard part about this boss is the heavy healing needed while maintaining good dps throughout the fight since the enrage timer is pretty tight! As on normal you have to kite with the pheromones, however on heroic the debuff lasts for 4 minutes so you need more people in order to kite the boss. The crushes are now periodical on a set timer which makes it nice and easy to know when to pop your cooldowns to keep the raid alive! Luckily i did not take us long to get this bitch down and next up is Wind Lord Mel'jarak which should be about the same difficulty! Here is a screenshot of Garalon being very much dead!